sher restaurant


Sher is a plant-based restaurant owned by two sisters looking to reinvent vegan cuisine and cocktails. For the branding, I wanted to create an experience that captivates the audience using earthy tones and whimsical illustrations. The sisters are known for their innovative food and welcoming vibes, so I wanted to create a brand identity that reflected both of those themes.

The front and back of the Sher food menu Close up shot of the Sher logo on dark green paper Two takeaway paper bags with the Sher logo and several different illustrations stamped on them Sher stationary including the food and drink menus, two business cards, pantone brand colours and a polaroid of              the restaurant Three iPhones displaying Sher social media advertising iPhone mockup of Sher's Instagram page on the left with a closer look of the feed on the right Overhead shot of the front and back of a green Sher business card