sukin naturals

This project is a refresh on the classic Sukin Naturals logo and branding. It was a fun personal project to work on because I’ve used their products for years and always thought they needed a fresh, new look. Since Sukin’s target market are women aged 20-30 who are active on social media, I took major inspiration from trendy cult-favourite beauty brands for the revamp. I wanted to maintain Sukin’s down-to-earth identity but still capture value through delicate, natural colours and minimal text to give the brand a fun and youthful flair.

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Two iPhones displaying Sukin Skincare adverts on Instagram The front and back of a Sukin business card Overhead shot of a Sukin cleanser bottle surrounded by a dried flower, a tiny spotted decoration egg and gold bottle neck labeling Seven different iPhones displaying the mobile design of the Sukin website A display that is showcasing a Sukin business card leaning on a terrazzo patterned cube and a Sukin postcard slanted on a wall beside it. On top of the cube is a tubbed moisturizer with a gold lid. Sukin Website